Introduction :


Name of the project :

Segregation of sand from Overburden / Use as stowing material / any other use


Name of Coal Mine :

Gondegaon OCM & Bhanegaon OCM of Nagpur Area


Location of the site :

Gondegaon OCM is located on NH-44 Nagpur Jabalpur Highway, Near Kanhan, Village, District: Nagpur, State: Maharashtra, Bhanegaon OCM is located near Bina-Bhanegaon Village, District:Nagpur, State: Maharashtra


Name of Coal Company :

Western Coalfields Limited.


Year of start of the project :

Bhanegaon Plant-Nov 2017, Gondegaon Plant-Sept 2019


Cost of Project :

No capital involved. Plant is set up on HoE basis.


Land Area Involved :

8.0 Acres (Sand Plant at Gondegaon OCM).


Production Capacity (m3) :

Gondegaon OCM (2000 m3/day) Bhanegaon OCM (250 m3/day)


Production so far (m3) :

1.64 Lakhs m3 (from both plants till FY 2020-21)


Key stakeholders :

Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT), Nagpur for its housing projects under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna (PMAY), Vidarbha Irrigation Development Corporation, Manganese Ore India Ltd and Internal Use.