Finance Notice

Letter of renewal of Appointment as consultants 
Transparency in Works/Purchase/Consultancy contracts awarded on nomination basis -reg. 
Taxbility of contribution to Approved Superannuation Fund as per Notice for CIL Website
Your Tax-data-1819 : To view your tax-data-1819, go to Employee Corner/View Your PRP, Fixation Then login with your login details i.e., EMPLOYYE_CODE as User id and DDMMYRYYYY where DDMMYR is your DOB and YYYY is the 4dgt of your Year-of-Appointment The find in the 2nd Line in Green Background Color the required information needed to complete Form-10-E
CIL Executive defined Contributory Pension Scheme -      Office Order-I           Office Order-II
Information regarding Provisional ID's allotted to Western Coalfields Limited
Procedure in respect of CST sale of Coal against "C" forms
Procedure for Refund of 3 Percent against submission of "C" forms for FY 2015-16
Appointment as a consultants (Income Tax) - 26032015
Customer wise VAT Sales for 2013-14
Non Issue of C-Forms for 2013-14