Disclosures under sec.4(b)


Under Section 4(B) of The Right To Information Act, 2005


Section 4(b)-(i):Particulars of the Organisation


Section 4(b)-(ii)


Section 4(b)-(iii)


Section 4(b)-(iv)


Section 4(b)-(v)


Section 4(b)-(vi)


Section 4(b)-(vii)


Section 4(b)-(viii)


Section 4(b)-(ix)


Section 4(b)-(x)


Section 4(b)-(xi)


Section 4(b)-(xii)


Section 4(b)-(xiii)


Section 4(b)-(xiv)


Section 4(b)-(xv)


Section 4(b)-(xvi)


Section 4(b)-(xvii)


Section 25


Section 6(1)