Rules and Information for Others

Rules, Procedures/Policies and Other Related Information

Format for obtaining records from Pensioners, for revised PPO under CMPS-98 (PDF Format)
Interpretation of chapter-VIIII: Rules related to Medical examination of Mar (PDF Format)
Procedure / policy - Empanelment for Hospital / Nursing Homes, General practitioners, Specialists and Chemists Shops at WCL (HQ) (PDF Format)
Approved Panel of Advocates (PDF Format)
Policy for Empanelment of Auditors (PDF Format)
Policy for outsourcing of coal, overburden removal, transportation of coal and sand, loading of coal into wagons/ road sales. (PDF Format)
Policy for engagement of ESM agencies, private contractor (PDF Format)
Policy and procedure regarding engagement of private security agencies (PDF Format)
Ancillarisation policy of the company and the list of ancillary units with details (PDF Format)
Application forms, eligibility criteria and other information for registration of contractors/suppliers/consultant/vendors (PDF Format)
Procedure for blacklisting of contractors/suppliers/vendors
Recruitment policy and procedures with checklist against medical unfit cases, employee death cases and against land acquisition cases (PDF Format)
Medical fitness criteria for recruitment
Rehabilitation policy of the company (PDF Format)
Time Bar for application of R&R Benefits (PDF Format)
Payment of land and crop compensation against land acquisition (PDF Format)
Policy of donations/grants (PDF Format)
Code of Business Conduct & Ethics. (PDF Format)
LOA - Avaneesh Logistics Pvt.Ltd, Nagpur (PDF Format)
LOA - Khandelwal Earth Movers (PDF Format)